Tips to Find Natural Loose Diamonds

Women always love to wear and collect diamonds. Buying a diamond is a big investment that you do in your life. So, if you want to buy a diamond, you need to focus on quality and authentication. However, the highest quality diamonds are sold loose that is not already set in the jewelry. When you buy a loose diamond, you have lots of choices, and you can exactly get the perfect shape, size, and quality you want. Moreover, you also choose to set that loose diamond in any jewelry design that you want in your exact size.

Nowadays, there are thousands of loose diamonds available online that you choose from. Many loose diamonds wholesale sellers provide you with the best quality loose diamond and give you an option to create rings from scratch to set that diamond. Loose diamond shopping is a big investment. Therefore, it is essential to give more attention before shopping. Here are some top tips for finding Natural loose Diamonds.

Think About the Quality and Size

When you want to buy loose diamonds wholesale, it is very important to think about the quality and the size of the diamond you want. Most people think buying a bigger loose diamond is always a better to choose, but it is not always the case. The bigger diamond gets, the rarer it is to find the best quality loose diamond. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention to both of these characteristics when you want to buy loose diamonds. Thus, choose the more important factor for you before making your purchase.

Set the Budget

The next important step to finding the best quality natural loose diamond is setting your budget. You also have to decide whether you are paying more importance to the quality, even if it means smaller, or giving attention to the size, even if it means lower quality. At this stage, you have to start researching the 4Cs of the diamond quality, perfect proportions, price per carat size boundaries, and other important factors such as fluorescence and place of the insulations that can decrease the value of the diamond.

Understand the 4Cs

It is also essential to research the 4Cs of diamonds before purchasing natural loose diamonds. This factor helps you get a better understanding of how diamonds are valued. Color refers to the appearance of the diamond and ranges from colorless (D) to light yellow (Z). More color in the diamond can slow the fire of the diamond or the prismatic effect of flashing colors as light passes through the stone. The second C is the clarity that describes the small imperfections like every diamond’s inclusions. Some of these clarity characteristics a loose diamond has its higher quality. Another C is the carat that describes the weight of the diamond.

Last but not least is the cut of the diamond that represents the shape of the diamond, its symmetry, and the light reflection. So, it is really important before purchasing natural loose diamonds to prioritize which of these Cs are more important for you. It will also help you make concessions to stay on budget.


There are some important factors that you must consider before purchasing natural loose diamonds. There are some important factors that you must consider before purchasing natural loose diamonds. You can buy good quality loose diamonds wholesale, which will give you a chance to increase your natural loose diamond collection. After reading this useful guide, we are sure that you will get a clear way to choose the best quality loose diamond for your jewelry.