Who Are the Most Famous French Pop Culture Icons of the 20th Century?

the Eiffel tower, river, bridge, boats, trees, buildings

France has occupied a significant position in European culture for much of its history. With the rise of colonialism and global trade, France gained access to a global market, and French artistic, gastronomic, and sartorial styles affected high and popular cultures worldwide. French men and women are portrayed in films, music, literature, … Read more

The Interesting History of French Theater

Palais Garnier

Do you know French theater has a history dating back to the 12th century? Back in the 12th century, the idea of dramatic performances for entertainment was emerging in France. Before that, all the theater content was about religious education. In the start, the writing and performance were in Latin, but it … Read more

French Styling Tips for Your Home

French Styling Tips for Your Home

France is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and state of the art buildings; they are also praised for their interior design as well. French interior design is applauded for its timeless elegance and homey vibe, making it a sought-after style among many people across the globe. More than the Eiffel … Read more

How French Culture Inspire the Whole World

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

It is interesting to see how diverse is our world’s culture. Different beliefs, ways of life, and values are present among various countries, showcasing the beauty of our world. These cultures also vary in the way we speak, clothes we wear, and so on. The uniqueness of one’s culture could sometimes inspire … Read more

Was French Press Coffee Really Invented in France?

A French coffee press

Are you a fan of coffee? When you wake up in the morning, you just brew your favorite coffee and take a sip from your morning cup. As a coffee lover, this might sound like a daily routine. Instant coffee packs are the common way to drink coffee nowadays, but some people … Read more