The Interesting History of French Cookware

France is renowned for producing exquisite and artistic cuisine and the standard for culinary excellence have been set by the French chefs and schools. It is this superior knowledge and skill in cooking that also led them to create a prominent cookware brands as well.  French cookware has a rich history of quality cookware manufacturing. Here are the list of top cookware manufacturing companies that are still innovating and producing quality cookware up to today and the history behind their successes.

1814 – Matfer Bourgeat

Matfer Bourgeat is a joint company of Matfer and Bourgeat Group. Matfer cookware has never stopped manufacturing small equipment for the hospitality industry since it was created in 1814 providing quality cookware and functional design. In 1918, Matfer was joined by Bourgeat – a French manufacturer that offers complete catering equipment. During this time, they primarily focused on creating commercial products for the food service industry, but later made the brand available to the public by offering wide variety of traditionally innovated cookware.

1818 – Pillivuyt21AE21DSKYL

Pillivuyt produces fine porcelain that was established by the Pillivuyt family at Mehun-sur-Yevre, France in 1818. They are one of the last manufacturers that maintain 100% French production. Pillivuyt is the original makers of non-stick cookware. They redefined their materials to generate stronger, thinner and more versatile cookware. Their household cookware is made through multiple firings at very high temperature producing a cookware that is non-porous and highly resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks and is also 100% lead and cadmium free.

1820 – E. Dehillerin

Founded in 1820, E. Dehillerin is a famous cookware boutique in Paris. They are best known for their iconic hand-crafted tinned copper pots and pans. E. Dehillerin is renowned for its high-end culinary equipment that draws amateur and professional cooks such as Paul Bocuse and Michel Troisgros.

1826 – CristelCristel_Casserole

In 1826, the company Cristel was established in France. The French company made history by becoming the first factory to produce cookware using a mold. It offers 3-ply and 5-ply layers of stainless steel and aluminum that features removable handles, stackable and dishwasher safe.

1830 – Mauviel and de Buyer71df7DP0aLL._SX522_

In 1830, Ernest Mauviel setup his Mauviel cookware company in Villedieu-les-Poêles known as “city of copper” in Normandy region of France. The village has an outstanding history of metal work, copper and the locals were considered experts in the craft. The rich tradition of copper manufacturing from generation to generation led Mauviel to its expertise. It offers high-quality products made from copper, stainless steel or aluminum that has been a fixture in professional and commercial markets that are now available to household consumers. Its products are unsurpassed in elegant design and quality that meets the people’s needs.

Also established in 1830 is the de Buyer cookware company in Val-d’Ajol. The de Buyer family company originally used iron ore extracted from the region to make pots and cauldrons. Their products are regarded with high quality ranging from copper cookware to silicone molds.

1850 – Emile Henry

During 1850’s, Emile Henry cookware company was established in the Burgundy region of France. Burgundy is famous for making wines with unique mineral-rich soils. These soils are utilized to create Emile Henry ceramic cookware and bakeware as well. Emile Henry has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing durable and heat-retentive ceramics.

1887 – Gobel

The Gobel factory was opened by Etienne Gobel in 1887 in Paris, France. Gobel has been manufacturing fine copper and pastry molds for over five generations. Gobel products are guaranteed to provide timeless customer satisfaction.

1925 – Le Creuset

In 1925, Le Creuset was established in France with their signature line of enamel coated cast-iron cookware. Le Creuset put the strength of cast iron to effective use with its heavy construction allowing the cook to get even heating without hot or cold spots that can ruin a meal. Its cookware retains heat for greater ease of cooking and its enamel finish makes it easy to cleanup even the worst mess. They also produce a wide variety of colors to brighten any kitchen.

1974 – Staub

In an old French artillery factory in 1974, Francis Staub founded his company – now owned by J.A. Henckles. Staub combined cast-iron with the latest enamel technology available using one-time-use molds. They offer innovative products such as a ceramic that is less porous and cast-iron cookware that has moisture retention.

The French reputation for great cuisine also translates to French cookware for producing aesthetically pleasing and highly functional products. French cookware is not your ordinary household equipment, it is made with passion and intense love for preserving its tradition yet staying relevant with innovation to suit the changing demands of consumers around the world.

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