Snorkeling and Diving in the French Riviera

The Caribbean beaches have always been a popular destination for snorkeling. But the Mediterranean has also a lot to offer and one of them is the French Riviera or also known in French as the Côte d’Azur. It is located in the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France.

The French Riviera possesses some of the best snorkel spots in the world. From the amazing charm of Nice to beautiful St. Tropez, the French Riviera has been attracting visitors for many years. With its warm Mediterranean vibe that is inviting and relaxing.

The water visibility is usually very good, 30m from June forward, and water temperatures can peak to 25 ‘c in summer months making it a well known French diving destination. However, the best dives along the coast are the ones aimed at exploring wrecks which lie at depths ranging from -40 to -60 meters.


In terms of seeing fish you will have to plan and pick your spots carefully to find a suitable destination if you want to snorkel.  If your more into diving there are great many fascinating spots to explore on a warm sunny day.  Be sure to plan on taking some great pictures and video while snorkeling or diving there are many unique sites to see along the coast.  Here are just a few locations to choose from.


Nice is a French city situated on the French Riviera and has over half a million-people living in it. It rests in a closed bay and is surrounded by hills. With its clear and warm waters and abundance of sea living creatures, is certainly a great place for divers of all levels because it’s a protected area from the winds and with little current. Divers will have the opportunity to dive into canyons, shipwrecks, colorful rocks and caves. Most divers who come here for the first time are amazed at the beauty of the sea bottom and only a few meters from the port of Nice. If you intend to visit the area around Nice, consider checking the diving shop called Nice Diving. Though there are a lot of established dive sites in the west central of Nice, Nice Diving is worth a try.


It is a busy little town further to the west and a port for many expensive yachts. The waters around the Antibes are decent for snorkeling, you can just wander a little way out of Antibes and you will see the clear water and school of fish, the diversity of species wasn’t huge, but interesting none the less.


Cannes is a city in southern France located on the French Riviera. The beautiful Isles de Lerins or Cannes Islands has much more tropical vibe than the rest of the mainland coast. Cannes offers various types of diving like diving on slopes dives, wrecks dives, diving in rocks, among others. The conditions are excellent allowing divers of all levels to dive here. Without a doubt, a place those divers cannot fail to explore. You might even see a dolphin in deeper waters.


The Gulf of Saint Tropez offers what is likely the best diving and snorkeling place along the Riviera; it is very rich in dive sites with more than 10 diving sites you can choose from. These sites consist of local slopes, small canyons, caves, large rocks and an ancient shipwreck. There are dive sites for divers of various levels and also that allow them to practice various types of diving.


Cassis is located to the east of Marseille and is one of the more popular destinations for vacationers.  It is well known for its cliffs and protected inlets and bays.  There are many diving sites that allow the diver to explore tunnels, caves, and much more.

Be sure to play your trip properly with the right gear, waterproof sunscreen and a great guide company.  Tropical diving and snorkeling certainly has its advantages but if your destination is a great European coastal vacation then the French Riviera has some great options for both diving and snorkeling to plan into your trip.

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