The Eagles are Coming (for your Drones)

The French are using eagles to attack and destroy drones.  Prompted by some unauthorized drone flying over critical secure locations in France, the French military got busy.

Apparently four little golden eagle chicks were born on top of some drones to help make the comfortable with technology.  In appropriate musketeer fashion, they were named d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

Their training began immediately with them being awarded for attacking drones.  Their reward was some good solid non-metalic meat which was attached to the drones they were attacking.


When the training was completed one of the eagles was seen taking off and covering over 200 meters in 20 seconds!  The drone was summarily attacked and crashed into the ground.

By combining the training and focus of the long history and art of falconry to the larger eagle their new technological prey these eagles may ultimately prove that nature can still be the master of man-made technology!

The idea apparently started with the cunning Dutch police department who similarly trained an eagle to attack a drone. With the growing reality that drones will be a part of our everyday lives, security and protection from them is going to become more and more important.  Vive L’aigle!!! (long live the eagle)

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