David Guetta: World’s famous DJ

Davide Guetta

Pierre David Guetta, or simply David Guetta, is a world’s famous house music DJ, electronic music record producer, and Grammy award-winning recording artist from France. As a music collaborator, he teamed up with equally famous artists like Sia, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Chris Willis, Afrojack, Sam Martin Morten, and Rihanna, among others. … Read more

Major Fashion Trends in France in the 1950s


After enjoying a golden period from the 1920s to the 1930s, the fashion industry in France crumbled in the 1940s with the dawn of the Second World War. Thankfully, the aftermath of the global conflict saw France being reborn as the world’s fashion capital. Designers became more circumspect during 1950s fashion scene, … Read more

Best Places to Visit in France

For more than two decades, France is one of the most popular destinations globally, with 82 million international visitors each year! France’s sophisticated culture, superb cuisine, great wines, romantic chateaux, and stunning landscape attract visitors worldwide. Along with great food, a vast coastline, and Alpine glaciers, France provides world-class art and architecture, … Read more

Most Popular French Dishes

different French cafes and restaurants, tall green trees, yellow lights and bright streetlights

Possibly, one of the things people look forward to when going to France is the savory and flavorful French dishes. The wide variety of famous French dishes with rich and natural flavors is something you undoubtedly would want to try. The nice thing about French food is that it incorporates their cultural … Read more

Unique Romantic Date Ideas to Try in Paris

Unique Romantic Date Ideas to Try in Paris

If there’s a perfect date setting in the world, many people would agree that it would be none other than the city of love itself: Paris. Romance and Paris match like they’re made together for each other—scenic views, luxurious restaurants, famous art museums, and a whole lot more. The city has witnessed … Read more

French Songs to Teach Children to Help them Learn French Easily

French Songs to Teach Children to Help them Learn French Easily

While older students who are learning how to speak French may be easily taught through involved activities and games, kids may benefit more if you teach them French through songs. This is because songs help improve one’s speaking and listening skills. Not only that, but they can also retain information more effectively … Read more

French Styling Tips for Your Home

French Styling Tips for Your Home

France is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and state of the art buildings; they are also praised for their interior design as well. French interior design is applauded for its timeless elegance and homey vibe, making it a sought-after style among many people across the globe. More than the Eiffel … Read more

How French Culture Inspire the Whole World

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

It is interesting to see how diverse is our world’s culture. Different beliefs, ways of life, and values are present among various countries, showcasing the beauty of our world. These cultures also vary in the way we speak, clothes we wear, and so on. The uniqueness of one’s culture could sometimes inspire … Read more