History of French Crepes

Crepes are one of the more famous French cuisine dishes. Crepes are similar to pancakes; not just by its shape but also with its method of cooking. It is very thin and pancake-like, usually made from wheat flour, egg and milk. It is a staple food in France, but its popularity spread all over the... Continue Reading →

The Eagles are Coming (for your Drones)

The French are using eagles to attack and destroy drones.  Prompted by some unauthorized drone flying over critical secure locations in France, the French military got busy. Apparently four little golden eagle chicks were born on top of some drones to help make the comfortable with technology.  In appropriate musketeer fashion, they were named d'Artagnan,... Continue Reading →

History of French Makeup

Wearing makeup is something that most women have been accustomed to in the present time. There are different ways of putting makeup on and it depends on the event or occasion. Most women wear light or natural makeup when going to work and heavy, detailed makeup when attending parties. But did you know that years... Continue Reading →

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